Norman Andrews House – About Us

Established in 1991, Norman Andrews House is a community service activity of the Uniting Church, Chapel by the Sea and is a joint initiative together with Waverley Council. It provides support and welfare assistance to many people in the Eastern Suburbs and it’s surrounds who are experiencing hardship, difficulty and homelessness. As a drop-in-centre, it provides meals, facilities, activities and access to specialist services and referrals. There is free breakfast and lunch Monday to Friday. Clients use laundry, shower, telephone and assisted computer access.  They can talk to a counsellor or participate in activities such as art, music, fitness and cooking.  The House has also established important links with organisations such as the Missionbeat, The Acute Care Team, Housing NSW, Centrelink and other services.

Norman Andrews House depends not only on the Uniting Church, but also on the support of Waverley Council and other organisations. Waverley Council and the Uniting Church are co-owners of the property, and Waverley Council currently provides an annual grant.  There are no state or federal government grants for the House. The local community assists as volunteers in the programs, and by providing financial support (donations and grants) and donations of goods and services.  We also rely heavily on local businesses for both financial support and also donations in the form of goods-in-kind.  The management committee operates under a constitution approved by the Uniting Church, and draws on financial, policy and other resources of the church, as well as the community.

Norman Andrews House – Our Vision

The House aims to:

•    provide a safe place in which service users feel accepted and are encouraged to become involved in the development of the service.

•   provide a supportive atmosphere in order to foster a sense of community amongst the service users.

•   provide a link between the homeless and disadvantaged people with other services such as drug and alcohol, health, Centrelink and housing.

•   challenge community stereotypes and prejudice against homeless, mentally ill and disadvantaged people.

•   provide a service that is accessible by men and women of all ethnic, religious, racial backgrounds and sexual preferences, which reflects the diverse nature of the local community.

•   provide ongoing programs to enrich the lives of the service users and encourage them to take steps in improving their lives and living arrangements.

•   provide practical services such as laundry and shower facilities and hot meals.

Norman Andrews House – Our Services

Norman Andrews House provides the following services for our clients:

•            a safe place to rest during the day

•            breakfast and lunch served free Monday to Friday

•            laundry and shower facilities

•            local telephone calls

•            lockers for storage of personal goods

•            group activities

•            advocacy & referral services

•            counselling services

•            access to a community podiatrist & nurse

•            access to the Homeless Persons’ Legal Service

•            weekly music, art, cooking, fitness, and computer skills programs

•            one-on-one assistance with job seeking and resume preparation

Norman Andrews House – Hours of Operation

MONDAY 8am – 4pm
TUESDAY 8am – 4pm
WEDNESDAY 8am – 4pm
THURSDAY 8am – 2pm
FRIDAY 8am – 4pm


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